Silent Sustainability Heroes

You may not think of us as a candidate for helping the world reducing the carbon footprint or improving good health and wellbeing, but in fact, optimising the supply chain and make the essentials available for all through good eCommerce service will all that and more.

  • Energy Efficiency
    • The robot itself is running on low-power, can work in the dark and surrounding heating not necessary
  • Reduced Waste
    • As a result of picking the right item the right way reducing the need of returned items or damaged items
  • Resource Optimisation
    • Since we utilise the height of the warehouse we may prevent the need to expand the warehouse into valuable land like agriculture areas. Or just being able to utilise existing old buildings.
    • The basic configurations are using flow racks and there is no reason for not re-use or get some second hand racks
  • Lower Emissions
    • Picking the right order efficient and correct with no damage can reduce the need of returning the order saving transportation and decrease carbon emissions associated with this extra transport

Eventually we believe our quest to help making the supply chains more effective and efficient will benefit many.

For our customers

”Enabling our customer to become and stay competitive and profitable in the era of eCommerce by lowering the barrier to automation with the world´s most compact and cost-effective piece picking and order picking solutions”

For the environment

“We provide the most compact solution lowering the needed heating/cooling energy.

The small footprint reduces the need to expand already existing buildings maybe saving valuable natural habitats”

For the society

“eCommerce is the future way of living, and an effective and sustainable supply chain is key to receive all essential groceries, cloths, health and pharmacy products.

eGrocery is the way to remove food waste and we can enable that”

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