Our piece picking robot is seeing, picking, moving and delivering items in the same way as traditional piece picking robots does. But where the traditional piece picking robots are stationary with a limited workspace, our robot is the opposite.

This means instead of the piece picking robot having to wait for the bin to pick from and the bin to pick to is in the right place at the right time, our robot can move to the right bin to pick from and to immediately.


The PickMate is designed to be easily configured with a wide range of warehouse equipment and solutions. Modularity and flexibility is at the core of the design thinking, resulting in a wide range of possible configurations.


Lowering the risk

Our customers expresses concerns regarding possible production stop if the robot stops. As this may be relevant for traditional piece picking robots, our PickMate can be set in park position and allow for manual picking in the same workspace.

Wall-to-wall picking (3D picking)

Traditional piece picking robots does bin-to-bin picking and is mainly dependent on an infrastructure that brings the right storage-bin and the right order-bin to the robot at the right time. Complexity is achieved with changing and growing order structure. We call this 2D picking

Our PickMate does wall-to-wall picking making it possible to reduce the complex infrastructure needed to move these bins all the time. We call this 3D picking.

Random Piece Picking

You do not need to place items into bins. You do not need to go through the tedious task of creating CAD model, and import them into our system.

Our AI driven vision system processes images of the bins and calculates the optimized grasp point with high accuracy. Our generalized model can handle a large set of products found in the grocery, beauty industry and pharmacies.

Picking from standard rack systems

The rack systems with rollers are common practice in warehouses. One standard pick station is 4-6m long. Our robot can cover between 1 to 3 pick stations.

We can pick and place up to 450 items per hour.

Picking from both sides

Managing a warehouse is expensive but not using a robotic solution that can pick from both sides. Our technology can help you utilizing the floor space in an efficient way. The gap between two picking stations is as small as one meter.

Deep Picking

Our robot has a large reach and can go deep inside of the shelves. This means a larger subset of products is accessible for the robot, improving the system throughput and increasing the product density in the warehouse and optimizing the floor use.

Bin Manipulation

Our robot is designed to move bins. It is essentially useful when a source bin is empty and needs to be removed from the section in the rack system for replenishment.

The robot is also capable of pulling and pushing the bins in and out of the rack system.

Cool Things

Our robot has high accuracy and precision. It is made generic. The control software system is scalable and adding new motion to the system is straightforward and can be done in short time.

Technical specification

  • Working range
    • Height: 2 -4m
    • Width: 4 – 18m
    • Depth: +/- 1,5m
  • One to three picking arms per robot
  • Interfaces most WMS systems through standard APIs
  • Pickable items;
    • < 2kg
    • < 25cm in any directions
  • Bin manipulation;
    • < 2kg
    • Standard bin sizes up to 400×600
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