Pickr’s technology redefines order picking through the integration of robotics, computer vision, dexterous grasping capabilities and the power of AI


Pickr’s piece-picking robot performs item recognition, grasping, transportation, and delivery just like traditional piece-picking robots. However, what sets our robot apart is its mobility and ability to operate within an expansive working range, offering unique advantages

Large Working Range

PickrMate´s extended working range allows the robot to independently access more bins, eliminating the need to wait for bins to be positioned in a specific location at a particular time. We refer to this capability as ‘Robot @ Goods’

Picking range

  • Length: 4-20 m
  • Height: 2-4 m
  • Depth: +/- 1.5 m

Low Risk Implementation

Traditional piece-picking robots occupy a pick station entirely, making it non-productive if the robot stops working. This often leads to production line interruptions, causing disruptions in warehouse operations until the robot resumes its tasks and manages the accumulated backlog. With our PickrMate, you can by any reason move the picking arm away and keep the picking station productive allowing humans to pick those orders

Low risk implementation

Bin Manipulation

The PickrMate excels in grasping and transporting bins, empowering it to perform tasks like removing empty storage bins and supplying new order bins for order picking

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